vacant eyes

by vacant eyes

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released February 16, 2013

vacant eyes is:

recorded with cole deblois at the clarence avenue house
album art by victoria mcknight



all rights reserved


vacant eyes Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

saskatoon emotional hardcore

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Track Name: frozen
it's raining on my way home/ so soon it will turn to snow/ count the cars as I pass/ so soon i'll be alone

house filled with smoke/ won't let it go

sunday and you're not at home/ i have never seen you cold/ but i fall back into the snow/ everything i've touched has lied

i should just go home

the doors are blocked/ i wait

i should just go home

the doors are blocked/ house filled with smoke/ i'm the fire, i'm at your door/ burn down your walls, life no more

broken from the fall/ the snow keeps everything cold/ your life isn't a life anymore/ buried under the soot and the snow

I should just go home
Track Name: dirty laundry
endless roads to rest a head/ everyplace is a strangers bed/ solidarity is a dream/ players pick at the seams

blissful stains of my vain/ possessing the possessive part of the brain/ this mind dissolves due to acid rain

as you hide behind fake smiles, remember i know all of your dirty secrets/ cuts that go up, scars that go down and all those haunted thoughts in your fucked up mind
many unfulfilling rebound loves/ remember i know all of your dirty secrets

respect was lost/ scarring burns/ love was lost/ i am lost

walked through your mind, never can get back that time/ this image haunts your eyes/ how did you survive?/ safe behind closed doors/ keep up the charade/ pretend like i don't know all of your dirty secrets
Track Name: mental struggle
doctored words with blurry vision/ each thought resembled a tiny incision/ stuttering indecision from all these decisions/ all of these memories are meaningless
beaten and bloody, numb it till we don't give a fuck/ displeasure with our souls/ mask the pain with bottles and pills

fragile bones broken by your little stones/ many words spoken but i still feel alone/ i'll wear this heart on my sleeve/ to give my chest the relief it needs

levitated off the ground, this voice makes the most beautiful sound its whispers while i whimper/ stolen breath!/ whisked me away from a question-less death/
inside she tries, inside she cries

fragile bones broken by your little stones/ mend you together just let out the moans/ she cries to me she says she's spoken her final goodbyes/ unique? no!

indecisive, undecisive have now coincided/ leaving us voiceless/ tongue tied; i've tried to untie oh god i've tried/ but we'll climb this mountain to the top it houses an object i don't need but i want

fragile bones no longer broken by your little stones, i have let you go
Track Name: vacant eyes
i've been depleted/ my eyes are vacant

you stole my voice/ you stole my heart/ solitude now takes part/ i've been drained dry/ now i question myself all the time/ your voice haunts my dreams and now i live a lie/
live a lie

sit bedside empty stare/ dead silence and a hollow glaze/ all these encounters are meaningless and i've lost the feeling to give a shit/ all these partners wonder if its their fault/
breaking hearts and not taking names/ this is the disease i became

freeze on my frozen heart/ icicle droplets/ i know its a start/ suck the joy out of everything, i know its just your game, pain is what you bring/
your mind is now clouded with your image/ that's to crowded

i broke you down and thats just a start
Track Name: transition to transgression
lyrics coming soon
Track Name: the sea dried up
your name is whispered among the trees/ carried across the land and sea/ thats what you meant to me/ i'm making you a memory, darling i had to leave/ i just need to be/ i need to be free

she cried out to me/ "please darling please, you said that i whispered among the trees and that it carried across the sea please don't, please don't leave, you're the reason that i breathe"

the time apart was surely rough/ loveless partners it wasn't enough/ months and months without a word/ your image danced through my mind/ more frequent than time to time/ i knew what i had to do/ get my love back/ i came to get you

you're just a memory/ thats what she said to me/ you're just a memory/ she falls to her knees/ you're just a memory/ you just left me here/ thats what she said to me/ you wanted to leave/ you're just a memory/
so i'll become what you want/ she falls to her knees/ i'll be a memory

runs to the bathroom and grabs that knife/ he said, he said, he said he wouldn't let go
the knife cuts a little to deep/ i break down the door/ he said, he said, he wouldn't let go
sink filled with blood, she's on the floor/ he said, he said, he wouldn't let go
hold her tight, her last words/ you said, you said, you said you wouldn't let go
Track Name: the trees burnt down
the bright red and blue flashing lights and the blanket covered girl i loved my whole life/ covering any future dreams, her last breath was gone and lost somewhere in the air/ while my eyes lost in a vacant stare/ her mother arrived on the scene, i didn't care/ she says/

"you selfish prick, what did you do? you said that you'd protect her and that your love was true/ but you left her alone and in the cold"/ tears flowing, i had to run/ back home

run to my apartment/ grab a bottle and guzzle it down/ tears flowing down/ my personal reflection it should have been me/ a selfish and terrible human being/
i said i would protect you and now your memory forever haunting me/

run to my room and grab that .45 to forget the land and the sea/ put it to my mouth/ the trees burnt down